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July 2010

The charity for July is: the BC Cancer Foundation

My charities for May and June were somewhat lesser known than the BC Cancer Foundation.

So why pick one with such a high profile for July?

My selections are based upon requests from clients, colleagues and friends. And since I received many requests to add this charity, I began to ask why.

The answers were pretty consistent and reflect the points indicated below.

However, what struck me most was the comment that, while a relatively small contribution to a particular charity can have an immediate, and to a certain degree perhaps, temporary result, the amount of money it takes to fund cancer research is quite staggering, but the results are both profound and long-lasting.

So while the efforts to raise funds for cancer research have become ubiquitous, and have led to us ‘turning a deaf ear’ to some degree, the fact remains that amazing success is being achieved right here in BC, but the funds available are never enough to do what could be accomplished.

Here are the key thoughts as they were presented to me:

  1. Every one of us has either been touched by cancer in our families, or knows of someone who has.
  2. One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.
  3. There is more progress being made in treatment in BC than almost anywhere else in the world.

The BC Cancer Foundation, an independent charitable organization, raises funds to support breakthrough research and care at the BC Cancer Agency, which is responsible for cancer care for everyone in British Columbia.

The Agency has an outstanding record with some of the most important advances in cancer prevention and care having come from its innovative research program.

With the best cancer survival rates in Canada, it has become a model for cancer care and control world-wide.

Donations to the Foundation go directly and exclusively to improving lives for people in BC affected by cancer, paying for vital core funding for research and patient care.

Please see www.bccancerfoundation.com for further information.

And you can read the Foundation’s interesting blog at: http://bccancerfoundation.wordpress.com.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this.


Dara Fahy A.M.P.


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