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Because it’s Not Just About the Best Rate . . . It’s also about:

Client-Centered Service

I am a resourceful professional with a total focus on outstanding client-centered mortgage planning service. With superior communication and organizational skills, and an exceptional track record, I have developed and maintained a standard of excellence leading to continuing repeat business and referrals from my clients.

Comprehensive Approach

As a mortgage planner, advisor, broker, financial manager and private real estate investor, I approach mortgage planning as one of the key elements in an overall financial plan, and view your mortgage requirements in the context of this broad and comprehensive perspective.

Independent Advice

Since a mortgage is only one part of what can be a complex financial plan, I recommend you enlist the help of a financial planner, accountant, lawyer, etc., to ensure you receive independent advice. I work closely with these financial partners on an ‘as needed’ basis, to ensure that your mortgage fits your unique plan.

No-Cost Consultation

I am happy to provide you with consultation on the mortgage process . . . what’s involved, the associated costs, available options, etc., at no cost to you!

Saving you Money

As an independent mortgage broker, I can save you money. While lenders compete for your business, I will provide you with individual attention, convenience, a high-level of communication and peace of mind.

Saving you Time

Working with me saves you time. I will take care of all details and monitor the entire process from start to finish. You can relax and do what you do best, while leaving me to do what I do best. Does that make sense to you?


I do not keep office hours. My direct line is my cell phone, available to you on your schedule, including evenings, weekends and holidays!

My Only Focus

Although fully qualified to sell real estate, securities and financial planning services, I do not do so. My sole focus is on mortgage planning as one of the cornerstones of your financial plan.

This is important to understand as you enter into discussion with me on your mortgage requirements. The extent to which you may wish to broaden the discussion into other financial areas and take advantage of my background, is dependent on your particular situation, and is entirely and at all times, up to you . . . and, at no cost to you!


Without your diligent, compassionate and professional help, we would not be living here in this wonderful riverside property. Your charity work is admirable and yet more evidence of your caring humanity. We thought our very unusual circumstances would make a mortgage impossible, but you quietly and calmly made it happen.

You made our dream come true Dara and we thank you. Next time we have an impossible dream; you will be the first to know.

This is from my blog on the topic of our move:

“It wasn't easy making the decision to leave our seven years of loving work behind, but success comes from moving out of your comfort zone. It stretches you in ways you can't foresee and ultimately, increases your personal resources. Thankfully, we attracted the most incredibly dedicated professionals to assist us in our house purchase. 

It's impossible to overstate the qualities of our mortgage broker, Dara Fahy, who was always supportive, caring and effective. Only after we completed did we learn of his non-business philanthropy. 

Visit Dara's Facebook Fan Page to see what this extraordinary young man does to help those in need: Mortgages For a Cause.”

Kindest regards,
Lynne Milsom, Bright Green Future, BC


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